Important notice to Hotmail, GMAIL, YAHOO users

The emails sent by our automated system can occasionally be blocked by Hotmail, GMAIL, Yahoo Mail or similar services, and redirected to the Junk mail folder of the your mailbox.

It is easy to stop this from happening. You can change your Hotmail settings by adding our email domain to your 'Safe List' by:

  • Selecting 'Options' from the top right hand side of the Hotmail welcome page and then selecting the item labeled 'Junk Email Protection',
  • select 'Safe List' then enter into the field labeled 'Type an address or domain'. This will add all addresses to your safe list.
  • Having opened an email from us via the Junk mail folder click the button labeled: 'This is not Junk'.

This will automatically add our email address to your safe list and prevent them being 'junked' in the future.